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Need a higher score in IELTS and don’t know how to get it?
Is finishing the test within the time limit a problem for you?

How do we do that?

You are going to have a one-to-one (or small groups) consulting experience with our IELTS Consultant, an English teacher with more than 10 years’ experience in training students to achieve scores in language exams.

What it is and how it works

This is not an English class!

This is a customised IELTS Strategy Consulting service to help you:

  • Be more time efficient
  • Use your strengths in your advantage
  • Not only write better, but within the test format
  • Perform better in your speaking test
  • Create your own reading and listening strategies

Initial Skype or Face-to-Face Consultation

(30 min)


We will understand how you do your IELTS test, where you are spending too much time and areas you need improvement.

Face-to-Face Session (1,5h)

We will analyse IELTS activities you have completed and will have a sample speaking test

Writing Assessment and Study Plan

We will develop a customised Study Plan based on the diagnosis and data collected in other sessions.

Candidates will then conduct their Study Plan on their own and further support can be provided upon request.

“Throughout the years I have seen people who spoke and understood English incredibly well struggling to achieve the scores they needed in different tests. Passing a proficiency test is not about knowing English. There is a lot more to it.” – our consultant explains.

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