Terms and Conditions


  1. Application to become a referral for the services Taste4business offers is subject to approval. Benefits offered to our partners will be described in detail after approval.
  2. This is an obligation free arrangement with no minimum or maximum number of referrals a year. Whenever our partners have a corporate client they would like to refer to Taste4business for any service, partners are entitled to all benefits that are current.
  3. Taste4business does not provide any sort of migration assistance to partners or their clients and Taste4business is not a migration agency. Compliance with migration legislation requirements is the responsibility of partners/ Registered Migration Agents. Taste4business provides business consultancy services including professional writing and training.
  4. Commission is once of the benefits that can be offered to partners and are paid weekly once partners send a respective invoice.
  5. Taste4business does not refund if the service has been delivered and/or commission has been paid to the partners (for Training Benchmark B, find refund policy below).
  6. Taste4business sends emails with special offers and important updates to all our partners, unless advised otherwise.
  7. Once partnership requests are approved, partners are entitled to any special offers or temporary promotions.
  8. The partnership between Taste4business and the partner does not have a termination date, unless requested by either parties in writing.
  9. All details of partners and their clients provided to Taste4business remain confidential in accordance with The Privacy Act.

Training Benchmark B

  1. Payments made for Training Benchmark B are not refundable.
  2. Taste4business communicates with partners in regards to their training plan requests or their client’s requests.
  3. Partner’s clients are contacted directly when their training is due.
  4. Taste4business will also send complimentary reminders to partners and their clients when their training is due.
  5. For businesses trading for less than 12 months, Taste4business will provide an Auditable Training Plan. Partners and their clients will also be followed up to ensure payment is made when necessary.
  6. It is the partners and clients’ responsibility to ensure that the Australian staff do the course and communicate with Taste4business in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.
  7. Certificates will not be issued for incomplete courses. It is the client’s/ employer’s responsibility to ensure their staff complete training.
  8. As a professional courtesy, we expect partners to collaborate with Taste4business by providing their client’s details to facilitate training arrangements and reminders when training is due.
  9. Taste4business cannot be held responsible for wrong information provided.
  10. Taste4business online courses can be delivered anywhere in Australia and also in cases where attendees may be offshore.